Axe-age, sword-age – sundered are shields
Wind-age, wolf-age, ere the world crumbles;
Will the spear of no man spare the other.
The Isengrim

The distant JàrnFòlk of the Deep Periphery have little interest in the comings and goings of the Inner Sphere. The various succession wars have churned for centuries beyond the borders of these hardy explorers and traders. Yet a new menace lurks outside the rim of the Known Universe. Unlike the dim and ignorant denizens of the Inner Sphere the JàrnFòlk recognize the threat that builds just beyond the Veil of the Protector.

A great Althing was called upon the cold windswept world of Hofn. Where the gathered Great Families and their lesser allies voted upon a course of action. Numerous seers warned that this was more than an invasion that this was the ill-begotten Ragnarok at last.

The Althing determined that a group of volunteers would be sent to the Inner Sphere to fight in the coming battles. The JàrnFòlk might have turned their back on the Inner Sphere, but they would not be left out of the Ragnarok. These volunteers would imbed themselves within the FRR, their distant cousins, and earn for all JàrnFòlk a place in Valhalla.

These chosen called themselves the Isengrim, the “Iron-Fierce“, and the Althing selected an Jarl from one of the minor families to lead them. The Isengrim traveled to the FRR where they petitioned that government to allow them to form a Regiment. The FRR, seeing an opportunity to extend their sphere of influence to their cousins in the JarnFolk Cluster, agreed to the Isengrim’s petition and secured for them a handful of very old, barely functional 2nd Line BattleMechs.


The Isengrim is a FRR loyalist Unit. We are RP friendly however we are currently only accepting applicants who have significant pilot skill.

Play Times:

The Isengrim has a North American Time-Zone with a focus on evening play (around 9-10 CST) and Oceanic Time-Zone.


The Isengrim is a competitive unit and is only looking for players who are willing to tryhard. All recruits need to be okay with and capable of fulfilling the following requirements:

1. Have or are willing to immediately get Teamspeak.

2. Want to be part of a competitive team and environment

3. Are willing to follow Drop Commander directions as they apply to Mech Build and in-Game orders.

If that is you then please apply.